High Speed Chases Are Hard

“Is he running out of gas?” the ABC7 news anchors wonder, as the black car comes to a casual, comfortable stop at a mini-mart. “What would they do here if he’s pulled into this... Oh. Oh dear. We might have the wrong car, Colleen.”


A high-speed chase in California’s Inland Empire has been going on for over two hours as of this writing, and while it’s a dangerous situation for everyone involved, it was a bit embarrassing for the local news anchors, as everyone – including the helicopter camera operator – lost sight of the black Toyota Camry that was actually involved in the chase, and instead focused on a black Chevrolet Impala that was nearby that was just going about its business.

The Camry reached speeds touching 125 mph, according to ABC7, and the suspect eventually hopped into a different car and is continuing the chase. Also, this happened, because PIT maneuvers are nowhere near as foolproof as every cop show would make it seem:

High speed chases are hard.

Thanks for the video, Tim!

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Kevin K

This is why anytime I plan criminal activity (including insider trading) I always make sure my tank is full.