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Clarkson on the Volkswagen Jetta: Bloody Zzzzzzzzzzz

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In his latest Sunday Times column Clarkson reveals his impatience with bores, include one unidentified acquaintance, members of the Aston Martin owners club and the Volkswagen Jetta.

I came to London yesterday in the Volkswagen Jetta, and tomorrow I must go home in it. Which will be like spending an hour in a coma.

...I d like to meet the man who simply didn t bother at all with the interior. Because looking at that dashboard gives you some idea of what it might be like to be dead...

...To give you some idea of how dull and featureless life is in there, put a cardboard box over your head. And leave it there for 10 years.

I could go on quoting all day, or just close the laptop and shoot off to a President's Day White Sale just to look. I'm even tempted to include the kicker, but I'm sure that would violate some kind of international copyright law. Suffice to say it references Belgium. [Thanks to Jealousy for the tip.]


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