Clarkson on the Evo IX

Los Jalopniks have only ever experienced the American-spec Evo (Farago likely excepted). One of us owned one. Another one of us thinks it's the greatest AWD car a man of average means could aspire to own, one would rather have a Jeep Liberty, and another would rather drive a hatchback and thinks another of us is slightly loony for saying that we would rather have an a souped-up Mitsu than an RS 4.

So for those of us who are sick of having "420hp" shoved down our throats from people with a predeliction for cars with their engine in an asinine locale, Mitsubishi produced the FQ400. But they didn't sell it here. And according to Clarkson, it kind of sucked anyway. However, he loves the FQ360 — the top-spec ninth-iteration Evo, and the last of the 4G63 interceptors — somehow, even without driving it, we can say at least 2/5 of the staff likely implicitly agree.


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