Clarkson, Hammond And May's The Grand Tour Came From An Episode Of Top Gear

Pictured: me
Pictured: me

The old BBC’s Top Gear crew of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May found a home for a new motoring show at Amazon, finally revealed yesterday to be called The Grand Tour. Arguments ensued over what the title meant, and I’m happy to say I was right.


Look, obviously The Grand Tour probably references the Grand Tourer style of vehicle. A presentable and capable car perfect for a long journey, but still knows how to have fun. Sounds like Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s old Top Gear.

But as I outlined yesterday, the title likely has many meanings—the most specific being a literal grand tour taken by aristocratic Europeans a couple centuries ago. This was brought up by reader BelegUS in the comments on the original announcement post.

Additionally, the new Amazon show will be traveling with 11 stops on what Richard Hammond also directly referred to as a grand tour.

The comments on my post yesterday said I was wrong, and stupid, because the new show title was only about the class of car, the Grand Tourer. Well you all were wrong. Mostly.

Sent to me by my seemingly-lone supporter Manuel T. was a clip from the first episode of Series 14 of old Top Gear featuring a conversation between the hosting trio about the same exact European “grand tour” I explained yesterday.


Check it out for yourself at the 16 minute mark in the video below:

I believe the direct quote is:

“Do you remember when Georgians and Victorians went on grand tours of Northern Italy? Did they go on sports horses or long-loping horses?”


Damn, that feels good. Thanks, Manuel.

Okay, so there’s that. The new show title stands for the Grand Tourer, or GT, class of car, the fact that the show will be touring the world, and some old rich person vacation from centuries ago.


As Clarkson would say, it’s so hard trying not to look smug right now.


Jesus Presley

At first I honestly thought they could be trolling the BBC :

The Grand Tour = TGT = Top Gear Two.

The real story makes more sense than whatever stupid shit I come up with but with these 3 jackasses you never know.