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Clarkson Admits Fault For Fracas That Ended Top Gear As We Know It

Illustration for article titled Clarkson Admits Fault For Fracas That Ended iTop Gear/i As We Know It

Jeremy Clarkson appeared on Chris Evans’ BBC radio show today in his first public interview since he was dropped from Top Gear. There wasn’t much actual news, but he did say that he can’t complain at all since it was really all his fault. Because he’s the one who punched a producer in the face.


Which he has admitted before. So, yeah.

Other highlights from the interview include:

  • Audio clips from Clarkson’s first-ever BBC appearance hundreds of thousands of years ago, where he speaks with an oddly stilted imitation of the Queen’s English
  • How he actually got hired at the BBC (the whole thing sounds like it took about two years after his first screen test)
  • His favorite car on Top Gear

You can listen to the whole thing here. As BBC radio is as terrible as BBC television is wonderful, I’ve done you the kindness of sifting through it, and it starts about an hour and forty-one minutes in.


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