Civilization Collapses! Illogical Highway Numbering Alert: I-238

You know how Dwight D's Interstate Highway system is supposed to have a logical numbering system for all the roads, so that, like, logic prevails? So a rational man can tell where he's going and what kind of road he's on? Well, tell it to the com-symp operatives- no doubt in the pay of the Red Army- who slapped the thoroughly illogical I-238 moniker on the little stretch of highway between I-880 and I-580 here in NorCal (they had good reasons for it, they claimed). As a response to all the 'road buffs' (yes, there is such a thing) who wail and gnash their teeth over this outrage, Grant Cooper has put together a nice page detailing the problem and some possible solutions (some of which require renaming such massive arteries as the 580).

Indigestion 238 []

The Mighty Bay Bridge [internal]


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