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Civilization Collapses! Illogical Highway Numbering Alert: I-238

Illustration for article titled Civilization Collapses! Illogical Highway Numbering Alert: I-238

You know how Dwight D's Interstate Highway system is supposed to have a logical numbering system for all the roads, so that, like, logic prevails? So a rational man can tell where he's going and what kind of road he's on? Well, tell it to the com-symp operatives- no doubt in the pay of the Red Army- who slapped the thoroughly illogical I-238 moniker on the little stretch of highway between I-880 and I-580 here in NorCal (they had good reasons for it, they claimed). As a response to all the 'road buffs' (yes, there is such a thing) who wail and gnash their teeth over this outrage, Grant Cooper has put together a nice page detailing the problem and some possible solutions (some of which require renaming such massive arteries as the 580).


Indigestion 238 []

The Mighty Bay Bridge [internal]

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Murilee: "Fish Ranch Road" is possibly the greatest name for a street, avenue or country lane west of the Mississippi. The Eastern title, of course, would go to Big Beaver in Michigan. And yes, the Winton Ave. junkyards are awesome. Which is that one with the school bus sticking out of the ground? We got a carb for my friend's Dodge there once.

I prefer "Brokeland," crazy. And as much as I love the City (remember, capitalization is important in this context), the East Bay is where it's at. My square of ultimate Bay Area awesomeness essentially starts at Petaluma on the north, runs down to the parking lot of Chuck's Donuts on Woodside in Redwood City on the south, and then jogs north somewhere in the middle of the Bay to stop at the Oakland city limits, with Benicia defining the eastern border. Anything on the 680 corridor south of Alamo sucks. Well, Alamo would suck if its residents were included.