The Mighty Bay Bridge

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There's a photograph of the bridge abutment between the two suspension spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the liner notes of Jawbreaker's 24 Hour Revenge Therapy that I've always loved. Because while the Golden Gate may be the most perfectly beautiful bridge ever built, it's also kind of crap. First of all, it takes longer to get to Bottom of the Hill from the East Bay if you take the Golden Gate. But more seriously, the 10-foot lanes make driving over it an experience that can be rather nerve-wracking for the driver. The Bay, by contrast, is easy as pie. Other than the traffic.


Sure, the Benicia, San Mateo, Dumbarton, and Richmond Bridges get little to no respect. And although the Benicia Bridge spans a really pretty expanse of water and offers up great vistas while waiting for the toll booth, it's not much to look at. A concrete beast of a thing; the best thing that can be said about it is that the view includes the Carquinez Bridge, a utilitarian cantiliever span (the construction of which was aided in by one of Los Jalops' fathers), a partially disassembled cantilever span that dates back to 1927, and the westbound Alfred Zampa suspension bridge, which is visually striking and a lot of fun to drive over. It gives us some small glint of hope for future California roads.

But while the Golden Gate is the grand dame, the Bay is the grandaddy. And it does big business, carrying 280,000 cars in and out of the City every day. If you haven't driven the Bay Bridge, you need to. Twice. Once behind the wheel, and once with a friend behind the wheel so you can just look. Plus, it links the East Bay and the West Bay, which are undoubtedly two of the finest parts of this great nation of ours. The Golden Gate just goes to Marin. The Bay Bridge should be on propaganda leaflets; it's classic Americana: beautiful, utilitarian and slightly fucked up, as practically all the best American things are.

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Uh.. dude, are you serious? You need balls to commute the GG Bridge because the only thing that separates you from a 60mph head on crash (yeah I drive it at 60! baby!) is a little plastic PYLON...

The bay bridge(s) are not that great especially if your heading east! you cant see crap from the lower deck, except you can see the visible sagging of the tunnel that separates the span from the erector set part...

You need to give more PROPS to the San MAteo bridge too. Its the longest span in the bay and thanks to the recent renovation and addition of a new lane, its like a floating drag strip. I have been passed at 80+mph on that bridge NUMEROUS times...

Which brings me to my Question, why do you wanna go to the east bay anyways?