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It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none. Just when we thought we saw the last of any romance between Chrysler and Mitsubishi, Fiat is now courting the Japanese automaker for a new pickup truck. Diamond Star Motors lives!


According to Automotive News Europe, Fiat will essentially rebadge a version of Mitsubishi's L200 large pickup to sell in Europe and Latin America. The body-on-frame truck is part of Fiat Professional's goal to take over the commercial market in other parts of the world, a plan that includes the smaller Strada pickup.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has talked of such a pickup before; there were even plans to revive the Dodge Dakota and sell that worldwide. One might wonder why Marchionne simply doesn't export Ram pickups, and maybe because no one outside of North America recognizes the brand name. Mitsubishi also has big plans for its pickup line, including a redesign and possibly a diesel hybridized version.


One thing's for sure: Whatever this pickup is will likely not be a Jeep pickup. A Jeep with Mitsubishi underpinnings? Perish the thought!


Expect to see the pickup in 2016, AN Europe says.

Photo via Mitsubishi

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