Chrysler Is Bringing Back Performance. Hopefully.

After years of letting Dodge get all the SRT products, Chrysler is dropping something fast on us as a blowout

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While Chrysler updated the 300 for 2023, it’s teasing something that, as of this post, is supposed to drop in a week’s time. While people like us would flip if it was some kind of SRT Pacifica, that’s highly doubtful. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be some kind of Chrysler 300.

Chrysler is being vague on the details, which isn’t out of the norm for something like this. The teaser, which is on Chrysler’s main site, features red brake calipers behind wheels that could only come from a 300. No details are given except Chrysler says that it will be “one of the most powerful and luxurious special edition vehicles in Chrysler Brand history.” I’m praying it’s a new SRT 300.

We know the current LD platform that underpins the 300/Charger and the LY platformed Challenger are on their way out. It’s why Dodge is giving us so many wild special editions. But it’ll be a long time coming if this is a special SRT 300 as a last hurrah. As I mentioned, for years Dodge has been getting all the performance goodies.

2012 Chrysler 300 SRT
2012 Chrysler 300 SRT
Image: Chrysler

That wasn’t always the case though as Chrysler offered two generations of the 300 SRT: the first-gen 300 SRT-8 and the second-gen 300 SRT, which was discontinued in 2015. That last 300 SRT was essentially a 300 Scat Pack. You got it if the Charger SRT was too sporty for you. It combined the luxury of the 300 with the performance of a Scat Pack. But it’s weird they stopped offering it. I mean, who wouldn’t want a huge rear wheel drive American luxury sedan powered by a huge 6.4-liter 477 horsepower V8? It’s a cruise missile. But with how badly Chrysler has needed product, here’s to hoping that this is something genuinely special for the brand before it goes in on EVs.