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AdAge's Jean Halliday claims the big pressure for anyone interested in buying the 'merican side of the German-American hybrid isn't so much what she claims is the "$5 billion to $7 billion" price tag. She feels the real questions are how the hell do you sell off the steel you've currently got taking up space on the lots and then more importantly how do you differentiate between these platform-prostituted brands? According to the "experts" she's queried, the two big problems are the Jeep and Chrysler badges:

"The Chrysler brand probably needs the most work β€” its perception now is "vaguely premium" β€” and the company has too many similar models, he said, citing the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen. Management tried to stretch the Jeep brand too far...with the Commander hurting the Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Compass competing with the Dodge Caliber...Jeep's crown jewel, the Grand Cherokee, has been ignored..."

But hey, at least they've still got...

...the Dodge brand and the iconic Ram pickup, right? Oh wait: "..the Dodge Ram should be redone so it can compete again as a key player in the full-size-pickup segment. The last time the model got a total redo was in 2001; it is the oldest in Detroit."OK, so we're beginning to wonder why anyone would want to be buying this company β€” maybe they really like the PT Cruiser?

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