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Musician, admitted domestic abuser and all-around awesome human being Chris Brown was involved in more vehicular mayhem this weekend, making headlines after he apparently crashed and totaled his Porsche while running from paparazzi.


CNN and TMZ (boy, there's a combo) report that Brown was driving to a Symphonic Love Foundation event Saturday evening in Los Angeles when two vehicles cut him off. Several people then people jumped out of the cars with cameras aimed at Brown's Porsche. He began to back down an alley, but was apparently cut off by two more paparazzi cars.

In his attempt to flee, Brown crashed the car into a wall. TMZ has photos of the Porsche, which appears to be a black Turbo S Cabriolet. (Brown has also been seen around in an electric blue Panamera S.) One of his reps said the car was totaled. He was not injured.


This is not the first time Brown has been involved in four-wheel antics. Last year he and his awful Lamborghini terrorized a woman who worked at a Subway restaurant.

But while we can all agree that Brown's an asshole (except for you Team Breezy idiots who will no doubt go off on me in the comments), I kind of feel for him on this one. It sucks that he was being chased by aggressive photographers, and it sucks that his car got crashed in the process. Maybe he had it coming, though. More than anything else I feel bad for that Porsche.

What do you think, Jalops? Any sympathy for Chris Brown on this one?

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Hat tip to cdoggyd!

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