Chris Brown And His Awful Lamborghini Terrorize Elderly Subway Employee

The Internet is a divisive place full of angry people who like to argue in comments and on forums all day long. But I think there's one thing we can all agree on pretty universally: singer Chris Brown is history's greatest monster.

I don't care how catchy "Forever" is, the guy's a weapons-grade asshole. Examples of this are well-documented. I bring you another one today: Brown, his stupid looking P-51 Lamborghini, and his entourage reportedly terrorized an older woman who was serving them at a Subway restaurant, according to What Would Tyler Durden Do. (God, that's a great name for a website.)


What did this woman do to draw Breezy's infinite rage? She wouldn't give them extra meat for free. Sayeth WWTD:

The man in the blue shirt (pictured) was eating at Subway when Chris' posse started harassing an elderly lady who was working at the restaurant because they didn't want to pay for extra meat. When another elderly man tried to stand up for her, they turned on him before the mystery man stood up to them. They got the man outside and were taunting him with racial slurs before Chris pulls up in his Lamborghini. Chris' bodyguard pulls out a stun gun and chases the man around the parking lot before the cops showed up and broke up the scene.


Just once, I would really like to see Chris Brown get what's coming to him. Just one time. Is that too much to ask, universe?


So what do guys think of his latest antics, or that Lambo? And who eats at Subway anyway? That place is nasty. The meatball sub is decent, but that's it.

Photo credit What Would Tyler Durden Do. Thanks for the tip VeeArrSix!

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