Chinese Trucker Pretends To Be Army Truck To Avoid Tolls

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This guy's plan failed, and he's in way more trouble than his cheap-ass would have ever been in if he'd just paid the tolls, but I can't help but admire the guy. To get out of paying tolls, this trucker repainted his truck to look like an army truck and made up a top-secret missile-hauling story. This man hates tolls.

To be fair, the tolls in China are expensive, and can really make things difficult for small-time independent truckers. So you have to respect the man's innovation. Not only did he paint his rig totally camo, he got some fake military plates as well. Unfortunately, the toll booth worker in Chunzhou City must be one of those military geeks with a Jane's guide always open, because they weren't buying the "top secret missile transport" story and called the cops.


The cops called the Chunzhou City Military Garrison Command, who confirmed that they knew of no top secret anything being trucked anywhere. And that's when our intrepid trucker was officially boned.

Sure, the deception required an entirely apathetic tollbooth worker and would stand up to pretty much no scrutiny, but nice try, buddy. Next time he should go for the old My Rig Is Haunted scheme. Those tollbooth workers'll just wave him on through, because nobody wants to mess with some crazy ghost all jacked up on Chinese trucker's crank.

(Source: CarNewsChina)