Chinese Bus Driver Uses Up All His Luck When A Lamppost Smashes Into Bus And Just Misses Him

Damn. Mao Zhihao, a bus driver in Jiangshan, China, was chatting amicably while driving when, pretty much out of absolutely nowhere, a colossal lamppost plunges into the bus via the driver's side windshield.

Mao, who was seat-belted into the driver's seat, was deflected by the post and avoided a horrific kebab-ing by millimeters or micrometers or less. Even better, instead of curling up, sobbing, into a tight fetal ball like he'd absolutely have the right to, he laboriously unbuckled himself and got up to check on his passengers and help them evacuate.

He did suffer a ruptured spleen, but his other organs must have been protected by his massive cast-iron balls, which suffered no damage.


Geeks watching this may note an eerie similarity to a scene from the Firefly movie Serenity, which had a much less happy outcome.

(Thanks, $kaycog!)

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You know what really sucks?

He ducked into the pole. It hit his square in the face. It's amazing he was decapitated. If he had just sat still or moved slightly to the left, he would've been fine. Oh well, hindsight, right? Glad nobody was seriously injured.