Damn. Mao Zhihao, a bus driver in Jiangshan, China, was chatting amicably while driving when, pretty much out of absolutely nowhere, a colossal lamppost plunges into the bus via the driver's side windshield.

Mao, who was seat-belted into the driver's seat, was deflected by the post and avoided a horrific kebab-ing by millimeters or micrometers or less. Even better, instead of curling up, sobbing, into a tight fetal ball like he'd absolutely have the right to, he laboriously unbuckled himself and got up to check on his passengers and help them evacuate.


He did suffer a ruptured spleen, but his other organs must have been protected by his massive cast-iron balls, which suffered no damage.

Geeks watching this may note an eerie similarity to a scene from the Firefly movie Serenity, which had a much less happy outcome.

(Thanks, $kaycog!)

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