In Zhengzhou, there's a man called Old Guo β€” who, at 50, seems a little young for his name β€” who wasn't crazy about taking his grandson to school on an unstable electric moped. So, he did the only thing any rational person would do: he built a little electric Lamborghini-style neighborhood car.

The car is made of hand-cut and worked stainless steel, which gives it a little DeLorean kinship as well. It appears to use the wheels and drivetrains of two electric mopeds, and even features an electrically-operated rain canopy. Old Guo managed to build the 3'x6' car for the rough equivalent of $815.

The micro-Lambo has a range of about 37 miles from it's five internal batteries, and while it's not allowed on main public roads, it is allowed in parks and on neighborhood roads. The areas its allowed in must be large enough for Old Guo to do his business, since he built a special trailer for the car so he can use it for purposes other than ferrying the grandson with the coolest grandad in China back and forth to school.


If anyone's considering getting into the grandfather business, I'd suggest using this Old Guo as a guide.

(thanks, Garnet! Photo credits: ChinaSmack)