Chim-Chim Beaten After Biting Speed, Says PETA

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Did Chim-Chim get a beat-down? That's the allegation PETA put to "Speed Racer" producer Joel Silver in a letter recently. According to the missive — publicized by MSNBC gossip columnist Jeanette Walls — PETA received complains the chimpanzee actor portraying Chim was beaten after biting an actor. A response from Warner Brothers assured PETA the chimp was treated humanely (or is that sub-humanely?), though PETA isn't having any of it. They want Silver to switch to animatronics. No word on who was bitten or if the chimp was indeed backhanded. [Thanks to Ralph for the tip.]

PETA not monkeying around with 'Speed Racer' [MSNBC]


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