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Looks like Speed Racer's dad went all out this time, as the Pops Racer-built Mach 5 looks like it's all ready to rumble for the live-action movie directed by the Wachowski bros we've heard will debut in May of next year. As a fan of the show, I've got to say this open-cockpit racer looks exactly how I'd expect it to look. No word yet on whether it'll have the same A-to-G button layout as the cartoon — but if it does, I can't wait to see the cutter, belt tires and auto jack in action. We're getting some serious tightening in our fan-boy pants going on right now thinking about it, and just about the only thing we can think of that would cause us to shrivel up would be if the brothers Wachowski make the decision to replace Emile Hirsch with Keanu Reeves. Whoa...that would totally suck. Full high-res shot via the link below.

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