Chiang Kai-Czech? Skoda to Sell Cars in Taiwan

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Volkswagen division Skoda has put their collective Vaclav Havel (kind of the Czech version of one's John Hancock, but with better taste in music) on a deal that'll get their cars into Taiwan via Formosa Automobile, itself a unit of Formosa Plastics Group, the island nation's largest private company. FPG VP Seiko Chen figures the company will be able to sell 2,000 cars in Taiwan next year, with annual increases of ten to twenty percent in following 365-day cycles. Interesting tidbit we gleaned from the source article: the Taiwanese, much like Americans, prefer automatic transmissions. That's because they're not freakin' commies like the Red Chinese, the Cubans, the Floridians and the French. After all, operating a manual transmission dilutes the purity of one's precious bodily fluids, much like fluoride. Or Florida. Whichever.

Skoda Auto to launch sales in Taiwan by year's end [Prague Daily Monitor]

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