Greenspan Calls Energy Prices 'A Drag,' Still, Crude Prices Fall

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Somehow we picture Fed Head Alan Greenspan with a Billy Gibbons-length beard, tokin' on a fat doobie, mellowing out to the sounds of the Jefferson Airplane and exhaling with a flourish while proclaiming, "[T]he recent surge in energy prices will undoubtedly be a drag from now on, [maaan,]" at a speech Tuesday in Tokyo to Japanese businessmen. (In Japan, today is already the past!) In our fantasy, said Japanese businessmen scream like it's Live At Budokan all over again, and after the speech they all go back to Al's full-custom Dodge Tradesman for like, some Pocky Sticks and blow or something.

Still, we're not fantasizing when we report to you that light sweet crude futures have now dropped to $63.64 for November, down from a high of $70.85 on August 30th, during the height of Katrinamania. The reason for this most recent 73-cent fall? Tropical Storm Wilma's been kind enough to at least momentarily stop threatening Gulf Coast oil facilities and turn to menace those commie bastards in Cuba and Florida instead.


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