Chevy Cruze Interior Shot Shows Off Curvaceous Two-Tone Dash

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Although it's not the first photo showing what to expect from the interior of the new Chevy Cruze, it's much clearer than the last shot. We're told the new fuel sipper from Chevrolet will hit the showroom floors as a 2010 model, sport an impressive-if-true 45 MPG and will be built out of the General's Lordstown, OH plant, just across the assembly line from it's Chevy brother the Cobalt. Oh, ignore the Daewoo logo — we're expecting it to be built for the KDM (Korean Domestic Market) as well.

Jalopnik Snap Judgment: So what do we think of the interior of the 2010 Chevy Cobalt? It looks pretty darn good for an car sitting in a segment we hope we never have to buy in. Although we were initially a little concerned with the colors on the first shot of the Cruze's interior, the two-tone color scheme of the dash and seats, good curves and rounded edges — it looks pretty snazzy to us. What else do we expect from a brand that's done wonders to the interior of the new-for-2008 Chevy Malibu? [The Car Fanatic]

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@markov - type gna(R): In fairness, I agree that for what it is, the Cruze is a marked step up from what entry level cars have historically been with regard to styling.

The reference to the exterior of the Cruze in my previous post was unwarranted, and it's actually a good thing that manufacturers are finally putting some thought into the vehicles that mere mortals can afford.