2010 Chevy Cruze Shows Off Its Interior

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The next-gen Cobalt — whether you call it the 2010 Chevy Cobalt or the 2010 Chevy Cruze — is going to be an important vehicle for GM, meaning the interior is going to have to stand up to some stiff competition from other automakers. The spy shooters at AutoScoop have snagged the first really good interior images we've seen, showing off a strong three-pod gauge cluster and a steeply-raked center stack with audio controls below a recessed screen, not dissimilar from what they've been doing with those Opel-Saturn-Vauxhall cars as of late. There's also a collection of new exterior shots, though these 2010 Cobalt photos are a touch closer and more revealing.


These photos also show the car with the doors open, which makes us think the passengers bolted and started chasing down the photographers. Though the Coblat appears to be getting a major enhancement in the styling department, details about the platform and powertrain are limited. It would probably be safe to assume the popular Ecotec powertrain is going to remain in some version.


Rob Emslie

Where the exterior shots taken at a Top Gear Put a Star in an ordinary car taping?