The thing about rally driving is that sideways is slow; to go fast, you really want to be hooked up, driving forward as much as possible. There are moments, though, when it pays to go full dinosaur drift.

You're watching driver John Welch in his turbocharged, 4WD, flame-belching Opel Kadett (you may remember him from his Ford days) chasing down a Peugeot 205 T16 in a 1990 rallycross heat at Croft circuit.

The 205 has Welch covered every time, until Welch finally gets sideways, stays in it, and rounds a corner just about dead even with the old Group B rally car. The Peugeot driver, though, appears so flustered by Welch's slide that he himself overdrives his own car, nearly spears off course, and Welch makes his way forward on the next straight.

Rallycross is the best.