Check Out This Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Car Chases In The New Jason Bourne Movie

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You’ve probably seen mobile boom camera units being used for filming before. They tend to look like an entirely blacked-out Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Mercedes-AMG G63, with an enormous crane and camera sutured onto the roof. But this is what it looks like from inside one of those things, as used on the new Jason Bourne movie. It looks like god damn work.

The real good bits start around two minutes in, with what looks to be an armored SWAT van just plowing into some cabs on the Las Vegas strip:

But it’s that mobile boom unit that’s the best. Driving one of those with a big, heavy camera attached to it, swinging the weight around, must not be easy, let alone with it getting in your line of sight and having to weave through traffic.


I wanna do it.

The rest of the B-roll includes what looks to be the same SWAT van just plowing through traffic, and a declaration of “ACTION!” followed by a person apparently just browsing the internet.

I thought we said all we needed to say with the first couple of Jason Bourne movies, but I guess not.