Wait Did A Fake Cop Car Chase This Go Kart On The Highway?

Reminder: do not drive your go kart on the highway.

Just last week Oakland PD was forced to chase down a go kart driver on the highway, which is apparently not that uncommon a thing in the Town, as the Bay’s KRON 4 reports:

This is actually not unusual for Oakland, according to the man who captured the video and posted it on Twitter, Tonka Dre.

“Every so often guys meet up to ride dirt bikes and go-karts around Oakland,” Dre said.

The go-kart seen in the video was part of a larger group of riders.

“This particular person on the go-kart was the slowest and the last in the pack,” Dre said. “That’s why he was being chased by police.”

Here is that original video Tonka posted:


But that cop car might not actually belong to the police at all! The LA Times, doing its journalistic due diligence, got in contact with both Oakland PD and the California Highway Patrol and neither claimed any responsibility for the sirens-and-all chase vehicle.

What makes the episode so unusual is that not only is the identity of the go-kart driver unknown, it is not even clear if they were being chased by a police vehicle.

Spokespeople for the CHP, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and the Oakland Police Department all said the pursuing SUV was not one of their vehicles.

Officer Sean Wilkenfeld, spokesman for the California Highway Patrol in Oakland, told the Times that the video is “certainly unusual,” and that they’re looking into the incident.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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The obvious answer is that the car belonged to MIB, and the driver of the go-kart was an alien with a doomsday device.