Check Out The Stripped-Down Vintage Porsche Built By Bugatti’s Head of Design

You'd think that the head of design at Bugatti would have some kind of über complex hypercar as personal ride. Nope, it's a back-to-basics Porsche 911, one of the cleanest builds we've ever seen.


This video was put together by Christopher Kippenberger, king of the drones, for DRIVE. It shows a quiet German who is more than a little obsessed with minimalism and creative design touches. That's not exactly what you think of when you contemplate the thousand-horsepower hammer that is the Veyron.

Perhaps it's the last line in the short film that sums up his outlook best.

When you're used to working on a Bugatti product, this is such a different world, such a different approach to car design and pioneering technique in general. And such a necessity to concentrate on high tech performance, high tech values. Also, extreme refinement of materials. It almost feels like a relief from time to time to do the exact opposite and come back to super simplistic approaches that maybe also don't cost the world.

Sit down, enjoy the interview, and take in the views shot by drones of Berlin's coolest corner for gearheads: the northern terminus of the legendary AVUS circuit. It's just past the mini Eifel tower (the Funkturm) and the Blade Runner-style ICC.


Patrick Frawley

It's a homemade Singer. Except more hardcore.

How hard is it to backdate the appearance to the pre-'74 long-hood design? That cannot be a trivial thing. I have seen some that went the other way, updating to the accordion bumpers, which I consider to be a grotesque mistake.

She is pretty, if almost too unadorned.