I’ve got one more day with this 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune convertible, and I thought that before a full review, you nice people might like some time with it live–well, as live as possible with current technology. You can’t really taste it, yet.

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The Dune is interesting in that it’s the first car put out by a major automaker to commemorate a famous work of science fiction: in this case, it’s Frank Herbert’s Nebula award-winning novel, Dune.

Technically, VW has yet to confirm this, but the one I have seems to be one of the limited-run Frank Herbert Signature Series ones, because it has Frank Herbert’s signature right there on the dash.

There’s a few other interesting Arrakis-related touches in the car, which I’ll be happy to point out to everyone.

So, join me in checking out this latest re-imagining of the Beetle! I’ll try to do my best to address every question I can, so please, ask away!

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