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While Chevy still hasn't given the green light on the Camaro pony car and Ford doesn't seem to have a new design ready to go on the Mustang, Dodge's Challenger is "go, flight" when it comes to exterior design. After Dodge said "hee-yah!" to the Challenger a few weeks back, most enthusiasts prepared, Maalox in hand, for the inevitable compromises. You can return the pills n' pump, it won't be necessary...

...according to Chrysler Group vice president and chief designer Tom Tremont on Chrysler's media-only blog That's right, the concept is the final design for the new challenger to the title of America's next top muscle car. In addition to comments on the web site, the entire concept team took the Challenger out for a spin with domestic and foreign journalists this week, and we'll have a fun little photo gallery up from that later today along with a report from our not-so-much embedded photographer.

UPDATE: Pictures from yesterday! Here's the post if you want to read some specific info from Chrysler group engineers!


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