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An industrious photog friend of ours happened to be sitting on Woodward Avenue across from Hunter House, the B.S.B.J.I.T. (Best Slider Burger Joint In Town) and happened upon the second of a two-day Chrysler Group journalistic extravaganza. The mighty German-American hybrid gave auto writers of all shapes, sizes and weights an opportunity to drive some Mopar concept metal including the exterior-is-already-done Dodge Challenger. The not-so-much pedestrian event was interrupted by the grumbling stomachs of Chysler engineers, thus necessitating the quick stop in downtown Birmingham.

In addition, we've learned the following from the Chrysler engineers:

#1 Test mules are currently being run around the DCX facilities
#2 Completed vehicle will be very close to prototype aside from a few small details
#3 They are trying to figure out a way to laser bond the C-pillar to the rear quarter panel for a smoother look

The following is our bud Evan Kelly's snappy little snapshot gallery of lunchtime for the Chrysler Group team.


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