Dodge Challenger Slides Into Hunter House: Oohs, Aahs And Heartburn

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An industrious photog friend of ours happened to be sitting on Woodward Avenue across from Hunter House, the B.S.B.J.I.T. (Best Slider Burger Joint In Town) and happened upon the second of a two-day Chrysler Group journalistic extravaganza. The mighty German-American hybrid gave auto writers of all shapes, sizes and weights an opportunity to drive some Mopar concept metal including the exterior-is-already-done Dodge Challenger. The not-so-much pedestrian event was interrupted by the grumbling stomachs of Chysler engineers, thus necessitating the quick stop in downtown Birmingham.


In addition, we've learned the following from the Chrysler engineers:

#1 Test mules are currently being run around the DCX facilities
#2 Completed vehicle will be very close to prototype aside from a few small details
#3 They are trying to figure out a way to laser bond the C-pillar to the rear quarter panel for a smoother look

The following is our bud Evan Kelly's snappy little snapshot gallery of lunchtime for the Chrysler Group team.

Challenger Design Is Go! Dodge's Pony Concept Exterior Is The Thing [internal]


Al Navarro

Logging in from my boondocky, too far for DSL, not enough pop density for 2-way cable, dial up home, cause I knew I'd get dissed by someone, somehow. (At least Evander's got the right me Al, BTW)

I challenge anyone to show me a retro-modern that has had a really strong second act. Like Godfather 2 good. It may be too early to tell, but I don't think there will be all that many.

That said, let me beat you to a few exceptions which come to mind. The latest Viper looks pretty good, more bricklike than the first one, which was pretty much nouveau Cobra. And the new TT too. Although neither of these was a true cariacature of an older model...some old soul dug up from the grave and put in a tarty dress and a liberal dose of lipstick.

My initial point was this...let's say that Citroen makes a "New" DS that looks a lot like the old one, but with plastic bumbers instead of chrome overiders...then where would they go with the next gen, a "new" SM with motor by Maserati? Oh, wait, as with a "new" Ur-Quattro, I'd probably be very interested in such a creature.

Whatever did BMW's "new" 507 (the Z8) evolve to? To my knowledge, squat.

Another point is that this trick has become so common that it's no longer all that amusing (at least to me). Even the new 599 from Modena looks a lot like the old 365 GTB from the side. So if everyone and his Italian uncle is doing retro-modern and not just Mr. J Mays, then exactly how original is it?

Getting catty, if you think the new 911 looks anything like the 350 from the front, even in your rearview, you need some RK surgery. It's all in the headlights. Nighty-night.