Cartoonist Peter Bagge Explains How, Why Amtrak Sucks

After checking out our Ten Worst Train Stations post, I recalled Hate Comics creator and brilliant libertarian ranter Peter Bagge's insightful comic entitled "Amtrak Sucks."


Now, there's nothing wrong with public transportation per se, as long as it gets the job done. Oh, sure, your typical vodka-drinking commie- who will under no circumstances drink water- is gung-ho for all forms of public transportation for the same general commie principle that makes him gung-ho for water flouridation and communal kitchens, but riding from LA to San Francisco in a 250 MPH bullet train would sure beat the hell out of those TSA cavity searches at the airport. None of that futuristic train-y goodness is ever gonna happen, however, as long as the nightmare Amtrak zombie continues to suck up federal tax bucks while providing the kind of service that would shame even Leonid Brezhnev.


Bagge actually makes the point that it's not the Fiendish Flouridators who keep Amtrak shambling along; instead, it's the train worshipers who deserve the blame. He's writing for a libertarian publication here (i.e., a bunch of highly articulate nerds who would be probably get ground up like hamburger by Hilux-driving warlords approximately 17 seconds after their utopia came true), so Amtrak is about the easiest fish-in-a-barrel target imaginable, but still very much worth reading.

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