GIF via Supercars

There’s nothing worse in a car than slippery race shoes. Drivers, including Supercars racer Dean Fiore, go to great lengths to avoid having wet shoes in the car. Forget wrapping your shoes in a sad little baggie, though. Fiore showed us the ultimate way to stay dry during last weekend’s Bathurst 1000.

This year’s Bathurst 1000 was extremely moist, presenting a massive problem for drivers who didn’t want their shoes to slip right off their car’s pedals when they hop in to race.

Fiore skipped the shoe-condom route and had a crew member carry him over the puddle to a dry spot next to where his No. 23 Nissan would be pulling in for a driver change.


Naturally, this isn’t the first time this has happened in racing:


This wasn’t the only piggyback this year, either. One of the winning drivers was carried by his teammate onto the podium after losing his shoe in the post-race celebrations.


Honestly, the only thing that’s missing from Bathurst is another crew member banging a pair of coconut halves together to make horse sounds.

Come, Patsy! The race cars await!