Car With Functioning Propane Grill Explodes When Woman Lights Cigarette In Guess What State

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Hey! Who wants a grilling tip before summer’s over? This one’s great: for best results, when transporting your grill, make sure the gas is off and for the love of anything, don’t light up a freaking cigarette in a closed car with the gas on. And, yes, this happened in Florida.

A couple around the Orlando area were transporting their propane grill in the back of their Kia Sorento after doing some grilling Sunday afternoon. The propane tank was open on the grill, and was venting propane into the interior of the car.


The woman in the car decided to light a cigarette, which ignited the propane in the car, causing an explosion that inflated the Kia’s roof and blew out the windows.


The couple sustained some burns, but luckily their injuries were not life-threatening.

I feel like I should suggest nobody do this and everyone should be careful about leaving propane tanks open or something like that, but my guess is you probably already know that. Sometimes maybe just remind yourself of America’s biggest peninsula and check everything again.