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On Sunday morning, a 25-year-old driver in São Paulo lost control of his Peugeot, flew off the edge of the road, and got stuck in the second-story wall of a house. There were eight people (including five children) inside, thankfully no one was injured.


Especially when you consider that, of the eight residents in the home, two women, two children, and a six-month-old baby were asleep in the room that the Peugeot crashed into. The car broke through the wall just over three feet from their beds.

The driver — who didn't have a driver's license — had to be lifted from the car by a rope and even he sustained only bruises from the crash. He will be charged for driving without a license, and there may be additional charges for endangering the lives of others.

The speed of the vehicle when it left the road has not yet been determined, but we'd take an educated guess that it was probably slightly more than the posted limit.

(Hat tip to Dopeaz!)

Photo Credit: SPTV

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