Car Crash Spreads Drugs All Over Highway, Pins Driver Until Police Arrive

You literally couldn’t have it any worse.

It’s just another day. You get up, brush your teeth, down some eggs, and go to work smuggling six or seven figures worth of drugs around in your car. Then the worst thing possible happens; you crash your car, flip it over and send your drugs flying all over the damn highway.


Not only that, but you’re stuck upside-down with a bunch of onlookers—you don’t care if they take the drugs at this point; in fact, take all the damn drugs, quickly, please. You sit there awaiting help. The same help that’s going to throw your broken ass in jail for a long, long time.

A bad day can strike anyone. Then they go and World Star Hip Hop your business.


In a separate video I found of the same incident on YouTube uploaded a year ago, the crash reportedly happened near São Paulo, Brazil and involved 230 kilograms of cannabis, or just over 500 pounds.

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