In case you needed a reminder to *not* drive around with fire in your car; check out the complete obliteration wrought on this Ford Fusion when it was left unattended with a burning candle inside at a gas station.


Action News Jackson reports an 18 year old woman rolled up to this Citgo in Colombia County, Florida with the candle burning for unknown reasons, and walked into the shop to get beef jerky or buy gas or whatever.

Shortly after, another alarmed customer alerted everybody the Ford was on fire. Thankfully the fire department was called in quickly, and they were able to control the burn before the fuel pumps were too badly damaged or the vapor inside them ignited.

Authorities are apparently not pressing any charges against the woman and treating it as "an accident," though I have a feeling she got a stern talking to.

Hat tip to Arpad K.! Images: Action Jackson

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