If you've been dreaming about an F1 car you can drive to Starbucks, dream no further. Caparo will begin delivering their close to $400,000 track-day special in July. And the stats are just stoo-pid: 575 horsepower at 10,500 rpm from a 3.5-liter V8; zero to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds; 0-100 mph in less than five seconds. Top speed is rumored to be infinity and the brakes are so powerful the T1 goes slower than not moving (fine, 100-0 mph in 3.5 seconds). The biggest news of course is that Caparo, for the first time ever, is going beyond 1,000 hp per ton in a production vehicle. In fact, they have achieved the insane figure of 1,045 hp for every 2,000 lbs. Not a word about five-mile-per-hour bumpers, though. Completely bonkers specifics after the jump.

Caparo V8 engine specification:

• Bespoke 3.5 litre normally-aspirated fuel-injected V8
• 575bhp (425kW) at 10,500rpm
• 420Nm (310lbft) at 9,000rpm
• Original concept tested at up to 700bhp (515kW) on methanol
• Limited to 10,500rpm for reliability but designed for maximum 12,000rpm
• 90 degree V8, 4 valves per cylinder, 4 overhead camshafts
• 93mm bore / 64.3mm stroke
• Finger follower valve train system
• Lightweight titanium valves
• Aluminium head
• Aluminium block
• Steel billet 'flat plane' crankshaft
• Internal piston cooling system
• Aluminium / Nikasil liners
• Gas filled ring cylinder head sealing system
• Dry sump with one-piece sump / ladder frame for increased stiffness
• 8 butterfly throttle system
• Electronic sequential fuel injection system with twin-spray fuel injectors
• Engine concept is essentially to Indy racecar specification but with revs dropped to 10,500rpm for extended reliability in Caparo T1
• Pectel SQ6 engine control unit (ECU)
• Engine is fully stressed but installed in T1 to take torsion loads only
• Longitudinal, lateral and vertical loads taken up by tension and compression links to the rear of the chassis
• Engine runs on 98RON pump fuel at a fuel pressure of 5bar
• Fuel system is a return top tank system to eliminate fuel vapourisation
• Engine bottom end modified from race engine specification to increase main bearing tolerances and help cold start of the engine
• A bespoke carbon air-box and filter tray has been designed and installed to suit the Caparo T1
• Air filter is a mesh and washable filter system
• All up engine weight with ancillaries is circa 116kg


Caparo T1 vehicle specification

Overall description

• Advanced technology composites for ultra lightweight construction
• 575bhp V8 engine / 550kg kerb weight
• 1,045bhp-per-tonne power-to-weight ratio for ultra high performance
• Fully tuneable aerodynamics
• 2-seater
• Rear mid-engine layout
• Built for discerning customers but also technology flagship for Caparo Vehicle Technologies - demonstrating principles of lightweight vehicle design which can also be applied to everyday cars


• Front cockpit road aero screen, other options available for track use
• Ground effect diffuser
• Adjustable front twin element wing
• Adjustable rear single element wing
• Adjustable fowler flaps
• Low drag body design
• Range of wing options for road and track


• Magnesium cased lightweight high ratio steering rack
• Bespoke removable steering wheel


• Dry sump tank 8 litres
• Fuel tank 70 litres


• Carbon fibre multi part body with tuneable aerodynamics
• Designed in sections for easy repair
• Carbon/glass and Nomex panel construction



• 2-seater carbon/aluminium honeycomb monocoque
• Separate front composite crash structure
• Rear tubular aerospace grade steel space-frame



• Streamline double wishbone front and rear
• Tuneable front and rear anti-roll bar
• Five-way adjustable race dampers



• Central safety cell with high strength steel roll hoop
• Composite front crash structure
• Head protection system
• 6-point harness for driver and passenger compatible with HANS (head and neck restraint system) device
• Fire system



• Fully tuneable engine ECU
• Bespoke wiring aerospace grade loom
• Multi-function race dash including data logging
• Speed sensors for traction and launch control
• Fly-by-wire throttle for optimum tuning



• Bespoke magnesium pneumatic paddle-shift gear change
• Paddle-shift gear change control
• Limited slip differential
• Equal length hollow tripode driveshafts
• Various gear and final drive ratios available



• 355mm diameter steel race discs front and rear
• Fully floating discs
• Front 6 pot billet machined race callipers
• Rear 4 pot billet machined race callipers
• Fully adjustable brake bias pedal box
• Pad compound options available



• Road legal SVA approved road version and full track versions available
• Road and track parts fully interchangeable
• Wet weather canopy/bib screen or race screen
• Further bespoke options to individual customer requirements



• 550kg (dry weight)

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