Formula V8: Caparo T1 Gets More Powerful Engine

The original "Formula 1 car for the street," the Caparo T1 will get a little more displacement under that tiny bonnet — and no silly intake tricks. When the street-ready T1 launches at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK this June, it'll be sporting a proprietary, naturally aspirated 3.5-liter V8 with an aluminum block and power of up to 200 horsepower per liter. That should propel the 1,100-lb car quite nicely indeed. That means the original goal of 1000 hp per ton has been met and exceeded. Of course, for all its sporting pretense and likely sale to the well-heeled track-day types, the T1 is a showcase car for Caparo's weight-saving technologies the company intends to translate into better mileage and reduced emissions for normal cars. Nonetheless, waaaahooo!

Press Release:


After 12 months of highly secretive development, the Caparo T1, which looks and performs like a Formula One car, will be launched in the summer with a new and more powerful engine than previously mooted. The higher specification is reflected in a launch price for the T1 of 180,000 plus taxes.


The bespoke lightweight, all aluminium V8 has a higher capacity of 3.5 litres and is now normally aspirated. The engine has a mass of less than 100kgs and can produce power outputs of up to 200 bhp-per-litre. As the T1 will maintain its nominal 500kg kerb weight this means the potential for power-to-weight ratios far exceeding the 1,000bhp-per-tonne previously announced.

The Caparo V8 has been designed from scratch and is comparable to Formula One and Indy race car specifications. It will be built from parts sourced from within the Caparo group of companies and central to its concept is its ability to use alternative, sustainable fuels; a factor important to Caparo for future applications.

"This new engine allows us many exciting options for the future, both for the car and the company," said Richard Butler chief executive Caparo Vehicle Products. "It will further help us to implement the vehicle lightweight design philosophies necessary to reduce greenhouse gasses being sought by high volume carmakers."

Ben Scott-Geddes operations director at Caparo Vehicle Technologies and the car's co-designer added: "The new engine now delivers both the performance and reliability we're looking for in the T1, the two key factors vital to our customers when running this type of car."


Sean Butcher commercial director at Caparo Vehicle Technologies said: "Given the high engine output, increased power-to-weight ratio, advanced hybrid chassis design and ultra-efficient aerodynamics the T1 offers exceptional value for such an exclusive world class vehicle ... and quite extraordinary standards in performance, handling and safety."

The T1 car is designed and produced by Caparo Vehicle Technologies, a new engineering design company created by the rapidly expanding Caparo group to provide advanced technology, materials engineering and design services to automotive, motorsport and aerospace clients.


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