Rural Alberta seems like a serene, tranquil place of snowy vistas and polite Canadians. But there's a seedy underbelly as well, and it breaks into your house and then tries to escape in a stolen tractor. In the snow. Until it rolls it.

Here's what happened: a break-in near the bucolic area around Red Deer, Alberta was reported to the Mounties. An hour or so later, they got another call, about a stolen John Deere 6400 tractor.


Thanks to the help of a snowmobiler, police followed the tracks in the snow to find the tractor, running down fences and trees in a mad escape run that had to be nearly twos of miles per hour, easy.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer stated:

There was no way, without too much risk, that we could stop the tractor. So we were hoping by just following, the operator of the tractor would just stop.

Yes, hope. The RCMP's secret weapon against crime.

Eventually, the police hope-rays worked, as the tractor stalled and rolled on its side while trying to crest a hill. The perpetrator was found in the cab with a bunch of the stuff he'd stolen, and I bet he said "Sorry" in that way that sounds like "sore-ry" that Canadians love so very much.

(thanks, Dan!)