Canadian Mounties Bust 21-Year-Old Street Racer in Day-Old Ferrari Scuderia

What cruel, miserable bastards the Canadian Mounties must be if they find it necessary to impound a day-old Ferrari 430 Scuderia for street racing. How else are 21-year-old Canucks supposed to find themselves?

We've all been in that boat, just after turning 21 years old, finding ourselves with a wad of cash from our trust fund or recently divorced mother's pocketbook. What's the first thing we do? Buy a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and drive it straight off the lot like it's molten metal.


One young man in North Vancouver did just that, even going as far as street racing the fine Italian exotic against a lowly BMW at upwards of 120 mph on side streets. Because that's what real men do, proving their masculinity to the millions of maple trees and Tim Horton's patrons that line Canadian roadways.

The nerve of these Dudley Do-Rights, with their large horses defecating on taxpayer-sourced sidewalks, impounding such beautiful examples of rare automobile. Then, to make matters worse, throwing on thousands of dollars in fines, with a mandatory license suspension. Don't they know that children are our future, eh? (H/T to Joe!) [Times Colonist]

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