Can You Spot The Problem With This Corolla's Center Link?

There's much more to an engine swap than making the new engine fit under the hood. Say you're trying to drop a Ford 302 into an '82 Corolla, and the Toyota center link won't clear the new engine's oil pan…


Well, you could mess around with all sorts of headache-inducing pan and/or crossmember modifications, but who's got the time for that? Drill a couple of holes, break out the machine screws and welder, and voila! Ready for the road!

DeLorean and Honda Z600 owner and maniac race-car fabricator Evil Clint somehow ended up with the '75 Volvo 242 we rescued from a redwoody grave a year ago, and he figured this Hell Project engine-swapped Corolla would give him a Ford V8 for the Volvo; the Corolla will end up as a 24 Hours of LeMons car as soon as Clint digs up an even more ridiculous (and cheap) engine to stuff into it.


Check out that super-Malaise tan-on-brown interior! Crank up the Flock of Seagulls!


We're not even going to put this one to a vote, because Evil Clint gets automatic Project Car Hell Poster Child status for his latest purchase.

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