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Evil Clint Gets A Few Loose Bolts, Buys DeLorean And Honda Z600 For Personal Hell Garage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When you're 21 years old and you've already owned a Yugo, a Fiat Spider, and numerous air-cooled Volkswagens, what's the next logical step? Hey, those cars were PCH gateway drugs!


Evil Clint (of Evil Genius Racing and Black Metal V8olvo notoriety fame) finally unloaded parted with the Yugo, and rumor has it that a certain busted-for-budget-annihilating 24 Hours Of LeMons team has bought the Spider (hooray!). That means his garage was suffering from a distinct lack of sulfur fumes! We think he's solved that problem in truly dramatic fashion now, with the obtainment of these two fine machines. We can see from the "I'll fit I got gullwings" illustration that Clint made to show off his new tormenters friends that he's diving into the lava with a smile on his face.


When you see an East Coast DMC-12 that sat immobile for 15 years and has scary frame rust at the suspension mounting points… and the seller is asking $5000 for it, what do you do? If you're a Project Car Hell Poster Child, you buy it immediately! That gives Clint's 1972 Honda Z600 some company in the Lake Of Fire, and provides a nice way for Clint to self-flagellate relax when he's not working on the Black Ops LeMons Racer, which is definitely the most hellishly complicated racer in 24 Hours Of LeMons history. I'm not even going to put this one to a vote- Clint wins PCH Poster Child status!

Here's what Evil Clint has to say about the DeLorean (you can read the whole tale here):

5 speed
early hood
ok interior, complete, some small tears in seat, drooping healdliner, i can do upholstery so this isnt a big deal
38K original engine and trans
newer clutch
has manuals and receipts for dmc H and Pj grady
good glass
new window motors
clean title but probably $300+ in fees


east coast car now in the bay area
sat for 15 yrs before PO bought so it had new fuel system, no sat for 3 yrs w/ fuel
has about 3 minor dings and dents and 2 larger ones, not really noticeable but fixable.
frozen and empty A/C
rusty exhast
sticky lock mechanisms
mild rust up front on the horns car from massachussets
bad rot on the rear arm mounts, see the tow hook about to rip out ( im a professional metal fabricator so i could fix most of it in one weekend)
facias need paint, no eybrows though
needs all strut except for trunk
had hot start issue from dirty tank ( cleaned by dmc Houston) and new but leaky accumulator
no lockzilla
slop in steering
squeaky front end
some dash electrical was taken apart to find hot start issue but supposedly all there
dont know what electically works or doesnt
and probably more i done know about