Can You Hold an Engine Together With Glue? (No.)

Unless you drive an Offenhauser-powered Indy 500 racer (don’t get me started), the engine in your car, tractor, lawnmower, whatever is held together with big studs and bolts. But would it be possible to replace that clamping force with an extra strong glue? YouTube channel Project Farm put that to the test with Flex Glue and famous two-part epoxy JB Weld. Would they hold?


No they would not.

Still, this was a very entertaining video, and fun to see just how quickly the explosions within the combustion chamber send the entire cylinder head flying.


Oh, and the Offenhauser thing? They had an integrated head into the block, meaning there was no chance to lift the head whatsoever. It’s maybe not the most ideal way to build an engine, but it did prove useful when Indy cars started using big boost turbochargers. But again, that’s a story for a different time.

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