Can You Give A Woman An Orgasm Using Your Car's Stereo?

Top Jalopnik researchers are investigating the presence of the female orgasm, and they've come across a surprising piece of video — a girl on camera claims a car stereo produced so much bass that it brought her to climax.


The female orgasm, like Bigfoot or the Yeti, is often discussed and filmed, but sightings are rarely verified.

While video evidence exists of extreme bass shredding phone books, this video titled "The Pleasure Of Bass" remains mysterious. Is it indeed possible that this car's stereo brought the featured girl sexual pleasure?

Jalopnik's continuing research in this field will continue, and if you have any contributing evidence for or against the veracity of this video, please let our Orgasm Research Team know.

(Hat tip to Takuro Spirit!)



Seriously? Oh, come on now.