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I saw this image on the OppositeTalk Facebook group, where it seems to have originated from a Canadian auction site. I’m sure anyone looking at this picture for more than a few seconds will see that there’s something deeply puzzling going on. The question is why? And maybe how?


Here’s what we do know: it’s a Ram truck, though allegedly from Canada, it does have an MPH/U.S.-market speedo, and, of course, it has two separate shifters. One on the column, one on the console. What the fuck?

Illustration for article titled Can You Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On Here? UPDATED

In the comment thread, the person who re-posted the photo says that they’ve spoken to the original poster, and that person said both shifters are functional. Since these are electronically-actuated, there’s no real reason why that shouldn’t be possible, but it certainly doesn’t answer any questions.

I mean, Chrysler does have a history with twin-stick transmissions, but I don’t think this is the same idea.

Was this a hilarious factory screw-up? A lazy up/downgrade? A personal dream project? What happens if you have the column in D and the lever in R – is there just a flash of bright light as you blink out of existence?

I’m so confused. And maybe a little aroused.

UPDATE: A real Chrysler engineer contacted me to help us understand the madness:

I’m the field engineer from Chrysler/FCA. The column shifter is a option for government vehicles. Lots of times they are sent with two shifters knowing the center console will be converted over to a switch bank and laptop holder like a police cruiser. Its less time consuming to just remove the center console then to convert it over.

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