Can You Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On Here? UPDATED

I saw this image on the OppositeTalk Facebook group, where it seems to have originated from a Canadian auction site. I’m sure anyone looking at this picture for more than a few seconds will see that there’s something deeply puzzling going on. The question is why? And maybe how?

Here’s what we do know: it’s a Ram truck, though allegedly from Canada, it does have an MPH/U.S.-market speedo, and, of course, it has two separate shifters. One on the column, one on the console. What the fuck?


In the comment thread, the person who re-posted the photo says that they’ve spoken to the original poster, and that person said both shifters are functional. Since these are electronically-actuated, there’s no real reason why that shouldn’t be possible, but it certainly doesn’t answer any questions.

I mean, Chrysler does have a history with twin-stick transmissions, but I don’t think this is the same idea.

Was this a hilarious factory screw-up? A lazy up/downgrade? A personal dream project? What happens if you have the column in D and the lever in R – is there just a flash of bright light as you blink out of existence?


I’m so confused. And maybe a little aroused.

UPDATE: A real Chrysler engineer contacted me to help us understand the madness:

I’m the field engineer from Chrysler/FCA. The column shifter is a option for government vehicles. Lots of times they are sent with two shifters knowing the center console will be converted over to a switch bank and laptop holder like a police cruiser. Its less time consuming to just remove the center console then to convert it over.

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