Can The BMW M2 Take Down The Mighty M4 On A Track?

gif: Motortrend/YouTube

The BMW M2 shouldn’t be able to beat the 14-grand dearer M4 around a track. I mean, you pay the extra coin not just for more size, but also for better performance, right? Well, to find out, Motor Trend just took both beasts around a racetrack.


We’ve said it before: the BMW 2 Series is the best driver’s car in BMW’s stable. But what about the performance version, the M2? Surely it’s not as good to drive as the much-pricier, more-powerful M4, right? And surely it can’t actually out-perform it around a track, can it?

The BMW M2 is the heir to the 1M’s throne. It’s small, comes with a manual gearbox, is lightweight and makes a modest amount of power at 365 hp. In short, it’s got the makings of a legendary M-car.

That’s a good thing not just for those who enjoy driving on a sunny weekend afternoon, but also for folks who want genuine track performance.

Just watch as Motor Trend’s Jason Camissa and Randy Pobst put the little M-car against the bigger, burlier M4 on the Streets of Willow. And in an act of giant-slaying, the smaller M comes out narrowly on top.

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M4's getting beat up by everybody, from the low income kids to it’s little brother.