Can I Find A Picture Of The New Lexus LF-C2 That's Not Hideous?

Lexus just showed off the concept version of the convertible version of their RC coupe and I swear, I swear I can find an angle of it that's not revolting. I believe in myself.


I could quote the press release for this four-seater droptop, but the whole thing is just 800 words of Lexus trying not to say 'this is the convertible version of the RC.'

Instead, I'm going to try and find a spot on this saturated-urine color show car that's flattering.

Here, up at the front? Hiding an unnamed and likely nonexistent engine?


Here, at the back? Where this roadster has no roof whatsoever?


What about from straight up? You can't see any of the styling at all from here, and that's not bad.

Wait! Here it is! Here's the angle.


Lexus, just make your next car an entire spider's web of intertwining mesh. Don't bother with the rest of the car, and leave the multi-layered pee pee paint at home.

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