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There’s a Polish couple that has been attempting to drive around the world in an old Fiat 125p wagon, and it looks like they’ve been having an amazing journey. It seems they’re currently broken down around Benbow, CA, and while the latest update seems to show they have parts and a willing mechanic in San Francisco, they need to get the car there. Any Jalops with a tow dolly in the area want to help some crazy adventurers out?


This post from yesterday seems to suggest they just need to get the car to that rare vintage Fiat mechanic in San Francisco. I have no idea of their state as of this very second, but if you have the means and are willing to lend a hand, as part of the Global Cabal of Jalops, I think you can get ahold of them via their website or maybe you can slide into their Insta DMs.

I was told by a reader named Marcin that so far mechanics around the area had refused to help, and I’d hope we can make a better impression about American gearheads.

I haven’t been in contact with these crazy Poles, but I sure like what they’re doing, and I figured if there’s any group that may be willing to lend a hand, it’s right here.

Okay. Good luck, old Fiat!

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