Illustration for article titled Can An Old 911 Built In A Tiny Garage Beat The Current GT3 On Track?

The short answer is yes, but it's a bit more complex than that. Just ask Jack Olsen, builder of the 12-Gauge Garage and the 1972 911 that can do it all.


Okay, so Jack has been working on his car since 2000 and the '72 911 is no stock machine. It has the engine from a 993 with 270 horsepower and the enormous brakes off a 1980 Turbo. Plus massive tires and an aero package he cooked up himself. It's also as light as you would expect from a refined old sports car.


Porsche on the other hand jammed four-wheel steering, a 475 hp flat-six that revs to 9,000 and possibly the world's fastest dual-clutch gearbox into the 991's body to create a car that's so fast on the track that it can keep up with cars costing double the money. But what about a competitor from the past?

0.34 seconds. Impressive, but Mr. Olsen will indeed need more to beat the upcoming GT3 RS.

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