The Story Behind The Perfect Porsche Garage’s Porsche

One of the most evocative pictures of a garage in the past twenty years is that of a classic Porsche on a hydraulic lift in a diminutive two-car garage. Here's the story of that car.

The 20'x22' paradise is called the 12-Gauge Garage. It's the work of one man, Jack Olsen, and it houses his one car: Black Beauty, a 272-horsepower 1972 Porsche 911 RSR-style Frankenstein.


The fantastic videographers at Petrolicious profiled Olsen, his car, and his garage in this video "One Car To Do It All." If you have ever cringed at the thought of a classic car getting locked away in storage, or if you have ever fantasized of daily-driving your dream car, this is for you.

Don't forget to read Petrolicious's written article on the 12-Gauge Garage as well, right here.

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First 911 I've ever heard that not only doesn't sound like crap, but really sounds great!