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Here's the first image of the gorgeous new Cadillac XTS, a modern full-sized replacement for the outgoing DTS/STS twin bus-sized sedans. Behold, the Cadillac of luxo-barges.


We first saw the Cadillac XTS Concept at the Detroit Auto Show and although still a concept, we were impressed that it didn't seem to be a ginormous snorewagon like the older STS and DTS it was meant to replace.


There's nothing wrong with either of those vehicles if you're a 70-year-old retired accountant living out your final days in Boca, but they were out-of-place in the new Cadillac lineup. This XTS gets the new CUE infotaintment system as well as the handsome, creased body.

Cadillac confirms the image is of the real production model. Why did we need confirmation? We didn't really, because they accidentally published it in on their front page. It looks like today's test of the emergency broadcast system screwed up everyone.


We're just happy the flagship for Cadillac will once again be a car, instead of, you know, the Escalade.

(Hat tip to Mohammad!)

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