Cadillac to 1959: We Gotcha Jet Age Right Here

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Like getting the double guns from your least favorite uncle, Cadillac blasted the unsuspected public with the faux double jet-engined 1959 Cyclone concepts. Looking like a cross between a land speeder and the Thrust SCC, these jet age beasts comes in two flavors: bubble top and befinned or convertible and flat decked. The longer, lower, wider mantra was mixed with hallucinogens to fabulous result for these twins. Just look how low the seats are in the bubble top after the jump! We're not saying there is no love for the latest Art-and-Science designed Caddies, but based on these cars, one might say the new ones lack a certain braggadocio.

Spy Photos: 2009 Cadillac CTS-V Engine Bay; 1960 Cadillac Sixty-Two Coupe [internal]

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